Making work...

So, now that my studio is (haphazardly) set up, I can begin making work. Work as in think art and work as in cartoons...

Tonight I have been working on the latter. Whenever I start a cartoon, I generally start a whole bunch at the same time. I have to paint backgrounds and let them dry reasonably before putting in the action. So it all works in a cycle, but depending on how much medium I use, I need to wait a day in order to actually make a cartoon.

As of now, on the butyl covered floor of my studio, I have two green paintings, a blue painting, and a red painting on stretched canvas. And then 3 red stained pieces of linen taped down on a drawing board.

Eventually, somewhere in the mix will be a duck news anchor, a chameleon, a number of dinosaurs... Maybe seven cartoons will be born in the next few days.
I did about 20 pages of sketches and got about 3 good ideas out of them... Maybe 4.

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