What the hell am I doing besides blogging?

A number of things actually.
But mainly, preparing a workshop on acrylic mediums and gels and their bountiful uses.
Which means I'm upstairs in my studio making demo samples.
I have until Tuesday at 6 p.m.
Right now, I'm watching paint dry. Really, the workshop won't be as boring.

Moving on...

You know those random, stupid thoughts you have right before or as something bad is happening? Thoughts that, if the situation were not so dire, would be really funny?
Like if you slip in the shower, you think "God, I hope I don't seriously hurt myself, because the paramedics will find me naked." Or, "I'm glad I already finally shaved my legs, so when they find me dead they'll at least know I was maintaining my feminine appeal." Or, "I wonder if people actually crap themselves after they die, in which case I'm glad I'm at least in the bathroom for this."

Yeah, those thoughts.

(Because that's what that cartoon is about, duh.)
(And that's where I got the name for this blog, duh-er.)


Noisetest said...

"Famous Dinosaurs" is a far better name than "Famosaurus". I am glad that you chose to show leadership on this important issue facing your nation - America - and your American web-log.

Larissa Viall said...

um...you should be working on decorations for my new desk.

A Brussat said...

I thought you were doing my job... er... ok, no comment.

M. said...

well, yes, that too. I am a brussat deux.

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